Review: Saved by the Spell by Erin Johnson

You know when you’re trying to find something to read and you just have vague keywords in your brain? That was part of what led me to this book. The other part was google tracking my ads and Facebook consistently throwing it in my path as if to say “hey you’ve been googling WITCHY COZY MYSTERY for a solid week maybe try this out” and reader, for better or worse, I finally did.

Saved by the Spell is a prequel to a new series, Magic Market Mysteries, set in the world of an existing series that Johnson writes, Spells & Caramels. I’m a big lover and supporter of new and self-publishing authors, especially in the cozy mystery world, so even though my blog is tiny and I don’t tag authors in meh to boo reviews, I am going to be super gentle in this review on the offest of off chances Johnson ever sees it.

This book wasn’t for me. It felt like it should be, but it just never clicked. I don’t recall at this point even what my objections were, so it wasn’t anything #problematic or grievously wrong, it just didn’t land for me. That might not be the case for you! Johnson did make the protagonist a male which I thought was cool because we rarely see that in cozy mysteries. She also worked with a familiar, workable formula of making it a school-based mystery as her character does a bit of a Harry Potter/21 Jump Street mashup. Also he has a dog by the end of it which is also always a plus.

If you’re interested in giving it a read and seeing how you feel about it yourself, I’m not entirely sure how to do so. I snagged it from a Facebook advertisement where I believe I got a link to my email to read it for free (reviewer’s first ARC?). If you want to read a cozy mystery series with paranormal aspects to it set in an oceanside place, go to Erin Johnson’s amazon page and enjoy!

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