Review: How to Marry a Werewolf by Gail Carriger

How to Marry a Werewolf is a standalone Courtship & Claws novella set in in Gail Carriger’s Parasolverse. I didn’t know what any of those things meant before and I still don’t because at a glance the Parasolverse doesn’t feel like my speed but this novella was fantastic.

I DNF’d The Last Werewolf because it felt like someone was trying to be Anne Rice but for werewolves and I’m not convinced we need Anne Rice at all so I couldn’t get through it. This replacement book for the Werves category in the Reading Embrace was incredibly fun and was a quick read both because of its length and how eager I was to keep reading.

The basic premise is that the heroine, Faith, leaves her odious family to find a husband abroad in Britain because she has been RUINED in 19th century American society and because her parents are odious judgmental toads. In this world, werewolves are a part of society, even High Society, and considered a good match. Faith meets Major Channing, a werewolf with disdain for Americans and humans alike. The two still find they cannot fight the attraction they feel for each other, or the feelings that grow between them.

It was incredibly fun reading a series where you can’t be in a room alone with a man because of Scandal but also werewolves can be in Parliament.

I might check out some of Carriger’s other Courtship & Claws novellas because if they’re half as charming and fun to read as this one they’ll be well worth the money.

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