Review: Shadow Caster/Shadow Weaver/Shadow Warrior by Debbie Cassidy

I’m doing this post as a wrap up on the three following Shadow Caster books because my feelings about these books are almost identical to the first book which I’ve already reviewed. I will be giving the final book (due out next year) its own post and do a bit of an overall look at the series and my impression of it and if things resolve well.

Hella transphobia, to the extent I’m not sure I can believe that Cassidy isn’t doing it on purpose or at least has some serious stuff to work out in her own right. A character is made a romantic option after nearly assaulting the heroine but it’s hand waved away because he was being blackmailed. Cassidy does a lot of hand waving for characters who do awful things but as the reader, I am still not done with the awfulness of it all and just feel grossed out. Speaking of grossed out, the relationship between the heroine and her mentor gets even more gross with a heavy dusting of gaslighting on top of it. Why am I still reading this books and why can I not look away? I am somehow still genuinely invested but I’m lowkey hating it the whole time. The heroine is not getting any less insufferable but the characters I do care about I care about a lot and want to make sure they end up being ok. Debbie Cassidy has me hostage and there’s no rescue team for me.

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