Review: Someone to Love by Mary Balogh

I’m of two minds about this book as I look back on it. While reading Someone to Love I was pulled between really enjoying the premise and really disliking the hero.

The premise is that a humble teacher at an orphanage she grew up in, Anna Snow, is sent a letter asking her to come to the will reading of the Earl of Riverdale. She goes with no idea why and finds that she was his sole heir. And not the bastard heir that people assumed (people including his widow and their children) but in fact the only true heir as the Earl married his second wife without disclosing (or divorcing) the existence of his first, Anna’s mother. Some people are willing to adapt and try and support her, others are much more hesitant and honestly I can’t blame them overly much. If someone showed up to my husband’s funeral and it was disclosed that our entire marriage and therefore my title and everything I was the beneficiary of is null and void I would have some serious concerns.

Anna remains herself at the core while learning to fulfill the new role she has to play which includes socializing with fancy people at fancy events and trying to find a husband. The hero, Avery Archer, is a man who is somehow associated with the family (honestly don’t really remember how) and is known for being able to Handle Situations however they need be handled. He was the one who found Anna and he is the one who finds himself continually drawn to her. He has a Tragic Backstory of his own but I just never warmed up to him. He wasn’t described in a way that I found attractive inside or out and it kind of soured the experience for me since a big part of the book is, obviously, their relationship. I really enjoyed the other characters and Balogh’s writing so I may give the second in the series, Someone to Hold, a shot. I also think this may have been my first Balogh book and I want to give her some more chances before deciding she isn’t for me since I know she’s A Figure in Romancelandia.

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