Review: Reindeer Falls Series by Jana Aston

Merry Christmas!

This is going to be a three-in-one post because these three are all short novellas and set on/around Christmas! Also, I really enjoyed them! I feel like some of my reviews recently have been a little snarky and while I stand by those opinions I don’t want it to seem like I’m some book Scrooge who hate reads things just to share grumpy snarks on her blog.

Quick primer on the world so I don’t have to repeat as I go and you all have a baseline of understanding of the world these stories inhabit. Each of these stories are about a different Winter sister (Holly, Ginger, and Noel) in their Christmas loving small town of Reindeer Falls. Picture a Hallmark movie except there’s hot sex and you get this world. Also, the books run concurrently and overlap a bit which was actually done well and didn’t get confusing for me so shoutout to Aston for that.

Book 1. The Boss Who Stole Christmas

Middle sister Holly is up first in the series. Her story is a bit of a billionaire and enemies to lovers mix. She works at the local toy company and has a grinch of a boss,, Nick St-Croix, who always seems to rain on her parade. They are expanding a service that she’s in charge of and because it’s based on a store in Germany (where grinch boss lived for a few years) heĀ  insists she come with him to talk with the people in charge and get inspiration. She rails against it but ultimately goes along. In Germany, grinch boss shows a softer side and their flirtation goes from snarky to full on fooling around in an old cathedral. She nearly ruins things forever when she immediately jumps to pretending like it’s just casual and she doesn’t want anything more, assuming that’s what he wants, and hurts his feelings because guys… this grinch’s heart has grown three sizes along with other things over their holiday hookup and he has caught feelings for Holly.

One thing I love in this book and the rest is the relationship between the sisters. They’re not afraid to call each other out on their BS and after Ginger gets after Holly for her behavior and reminds her that the other person in that relationship didn’t get to say how he felt before she told him how she decided he felt. Holly makes a grand gesture and they figure out the relationship and they get their holiday happily ever after because Aston knows what we’re looking for in romance.

Book 2. If You Give a Jerk a Gingerbread

Baby sister Ginger (yes she’s a redhead) is the heroine of the second story. She is a baker who longs to open her own bakery one day and even has the property picked out for when she can afford the down payment and mortgage. She is currently involved in a Great Gingerbread Bake Off competition which, if she wins, will help make all her dreams come true. Also a dream coming to life? Running into renowned celebrity British baker Keller James who pops into her bakery and admires her wares. She assumes he’s going to be a judge for the competition and feels betrayed when she finds out that he is actually a fellow contestant. In James’s defense, he never pretended to be anything else, and it is a genuine mixup. The pair get to know each other and their chemistry and steamy near-kisses are captured on camera and mentioned in the first book. It was fun to see how these scenes actually played out in this one. I won’t give away how the contest plays out but suffice it to say everyone’s dreams come true and Keller and Ginger find a way to be together to bake and cook and be adorable together for the rest of their lives.

Book 3. The One Night Stand Before Christmas

Finally, oldest sister Noel gets her story. She helps manage a charity drive which, due to the holiday, includes Santa. Her coworker guarantees that her younger brother will be around to help dress up so when an attractive younger looking man shows up and Noel asks if he’s the guy he agrees and becomes her Santa. Then that night Noel lives her best Santa Baby life by taking him home for a one night stand. Except this guy wasn’t her friend’s younger brother, he’s actually the grandson of one of the elderly clients of Noel’s who wrangles her into a blind date with him. As the truth comes out (a simple case of shared names and mistaken identity), the two have to deal with the growing feelings they share for each other and ultimately decide if they can be satisfied with just one night together.

Spoiler alert: Of course they can’t, they definitely end up together, HEA or bust.

The series as a whole is about 300ish pages and I read through them quickly. At times almost too cheesy, it was still exactly what it advertised and I was surprised by how well written it was especially when it came to the sibling relationships. I was happy for each couple and I understood why they were together. If you’re looking for a light, fun, holiday themed romance read, this little series is a good choice.